Palestine Flag Most Recognized Symbols in the World

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Palestine Flag


The flag of Palestine is one of the most recognized symbols in the world. It has been used by Palestinians and Israelis alike to show their support or opposition to the conflict between them. However, if you don’t know what this flag looks like or how it came about then it can be tricky finding out more about it! In this article we’ll explain everything from history to symbolism so that you can get a better understanding of this divisive symbol.


The Palestine flag was adopted on November 15, 1964. It was designed by a Palestinian artist and poet, Mahmoud Darwish. The flag consists of two horizontal stripes of black and green with a red triangle placed at the hoist (top) end containing white Arabic lettering that reads “Palestine” in both English and Arabic languages.

The colors were originally chosen because they represent hope for peace among people from all over the world who support their rights to self-determination – but they can also be used as symbols for other meanings as well: blacks represent courage; browns represent fertility; greens symbolize nature’s bounty; yellows have been associated with sunlight since ancient times


The colors green, white and red are chosen to represent the three parts of the Palestinian flag. The green represents hope, purity and fertility. It is also an important color in Islam where it symbolizes paradise. This is why Muslims wear green clothes when they pray or fast during Ramadan (the Islamic holy month). The crescent moon represents Islam’s lunar calendar which follows a cycle of 29 lunar months that begin with the first sighting of new moon after sunset on 1st night of Ramadan until vernal equinox on 20th day after. Sunset according to legend passed down from Prophet Muhammad who said “Verily I am inspired by Allah by whom all things exist.”

The flag is made up of three horizontal stripes of green, white and red. These colors stand for the Arabic word qalqilya, meaning “state of Palestine”. The green represents freedom; the white stands for peace; while the red represents bloodshed and sacrifice.

The design also features an olive branch symbolizing peace. Which was adopted as a national emblem after Palestinian independence in 1988 under President Yasser Arafat’s leadership (he died two years later).

Color and Symbolism

The flag of Palestine is green, white, and red. The green represents hope and life; the white symbolizes purity; and the red stands for blood.

The colors of these flags are based on Islamic tradition. The green represents Islam’s Prophet Mohammed’s purity in his descent from Abraham and thus faithfulness to God’s word (the Quran). The red stands for martyrdom in defense of truth (or justice) against injustice or oppression by one person or group over another

About the flag

The flag of Palestine was first adopted on November 15, 1964 during the Arab League summit in Cairo. It has three colors: green, white and red. The flag is a symbol of hope, purity and blood that represents victory over oppression.

The green color represents peace; the white stands for purity; while red symbolizes victory over oppression.

The Flag of Palestine was adopted on November 15, 1964.

The flag of Palestine was adopted on November 15, 1964. It has three horizontal stripes: green, white and red. The colors are taken from the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) flag and represent peace and resistance to occupation.

The three colors are green for hope, white for purity, and red for blood.

Palestine’s flag, which was adopted by the Arab League in 1950. Consists of three horizontal stripes: green for hope, white for purity and red for blood.

The three colors are also the dominant symbols on Palestinian flags; green represents Islam; white represents Christianity; and red symbolizes Arab nationalism (which includes both Arabs and Muslims).

You need to know about palestine flag

The flag of Palestine is a symbol of the Palestinian people. It was adopted in 1968 and has been used ever since. The national flag has three colors: green, white, and red. Green stands for hope; white represents peace; and red represents blood that has been shed for justice and freedom. The flag is not recognized by many countries including Canada or the United Arab Emirates because it does not meet their standards regarding size or shape.[1]


The flag of Palestine is a symbol of national pride and unity. It was adopted in 1964 to represent the new nation that had been formed after the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. This flag is not used by all Palestinians, but only those living in occupied territories like Gaza and West Bank. Who are privileged enough to live under self rule while still being denied some basic rights like citizenship or voting rights. The colors green, white, and red represent hope, purity, and martyrdom respectively as well as being symbols of Islam (green), Judaism (white), Christianity (red). For more information visit our website.

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