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Roomed Tents


Whether you’re looking for a tent that sleeps two people, four people or even eight people, we’ve got you covered. In this guide we’ll cover everything from the pros and cons of roomed tents to their best uses in various scenarios.

What is a roomed tent?

A roomed tent is a tent that has room for more than one person. Roomed tents are great for camping with friends or family, but they’re also great for camping with kids, pets and even other people who want to camp together.

The most common type of roomed tent is the two-roomed dome design (like our popular Grand Mesa 5Pt). In this configuration there’s an interior sleeping area and an open space in between where you can store your gear like backpacks or sleeping bags. Two people can fit comfortably in this model since there are plenty of nooks and crannies inside where they won’t bump into each other while still having enough space outside their sleeping area so they don’t have to share one small bench seat at night time!

When should you use a roomed tent?

  • Roomed tents are best for camping with multiple people.
  • Roomed tents are best for camping in cold weather.
  • Roomed tents are best for camping in hot weather.
  • Roomed tents are best for camping in rain and snow conditions, as they can be used as a shelter from the elements, even when it rains heavily or snows lightly on top of your tent’s roof.*

What’s the difference between a roomed tent and a tipi?

The main difference between roomed tents and tipis is that a roomed tent has more space, is more versatile and portable, and can be used for different purposes. The overall feel of a roomed tent is much nicer than that of an open-air tipi; it’s not just the shape that makes it better but also how much easier it is to use all its features. For example, if you want to grill outdoors while staying cool in your tent during summertime heat waves (or wintertime blizzards), you’ll find this much easier with a roomed model than with an open-air one—you don’t have to worry about getting those nasty bugs inside!

Do the walls of a roomed tent come apart?

The walls of a roomed tent are not detachable. They are made of fabric and not canvas, wood, metal or plastic.

The main reason why roomed tents are so popular is because they have more space than most other types of tents. The average roomed tent comes with a sleeping area that can accommodate four people comfortably (or two adults and two children). This means that there’s plenty of room for all your gear in one place!

How do I assemble my roomed tent?

  • Assembling your roomed tent is easy. Simply open the doors, lay out all of your belongings, and stake down each corner.
  • To set up a roomed tent, follow these steps:
  • Open two doors on either side of the tent (the front and back). This will allow you to access all parts of the structure without disturbing your bedding or belongings inside. Make sure that one door is close while you’re doing this!
  • Lay out any items that need to be stored in one place—like shoes or clothes—in storage boxes near where they belong; then arrange them according to size so they don’t get mixed up while packing up (for example: put larger items closer together than smaller ones). You can also use baskets instead if necessary…but only if there’s enough space available for them within your pack!

Roomed tents are great for family camping.

Roomed tents are great for family camping. They provide space to spread out and make the most of your time outdoors, whether you’re visiting a national park or weekend getaway.

Roomed tents allow couples to spend more time together without feeling like they need to sit apart on opposite sides of the tent.

How many people will be sleeping in my tent?

The number of people you can fit into a roomed tent is dependant on various factors. In general, the more people there are in your group and their size, the smaller your capacity should be. For example, if you have four adults and two children sharing a tipi then it would be best for them to all sleep on one side of the tent (so that at least one person has enough room). If however there are only two adults and one child then perhaps they could share with each other but still have enough space for everyone else as well.

Is the shape important to me?

The shape of your tent is important. If you’re looking for a roomy camping experience, then try to find a tent that has a wide enough entrance and doorways so that you can get in and out easily. Some tents have very narrow doors, which can make it difficult for people with mobility issues or young children who might be too small to reach over their heads. Also consider whether or not there are any special features such as stargazing windows or other features that would make things easier for your group (or just give them more fun).


A roomed tent is a camping structure that has a separate room or space inside the tent. This means that it’s possible to sleep in one part of your camping setup while still being able to use the rest of your gear and belongings as you would normally do when camping. Roomed tents are especially useful if you have guests and need more sleeping space than just one bedroll or sleeping bag can provide. For more information visit our website.

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